Hello My Music-Loving Friends!

Curtis and I are really excited to kick off Steel Toad Brewing Company’s “Bourbon, Blues & Barbecue” Series this Wed, Feb 1st! We play from 7:30-10pm and it’s gonna be great. If you haven’t been to Steel Toad, you’re in for a treat. Great menu, big lovely room, fabulous service and – us! As you can see by the poster, there will be some really cool acts coming in in the following weeks and we are stoked about this happening. For all the details, go to www.steeltoad.ca and hey – don’t forget to make a reservation! See you there.

Then on Friday night, Feb 3rd, Lesismore plays The Heritage Grill in New West from 8-midnight! We always have a great time at New Westminster’s cultural hub and I’m sure this Friday will be no exception. Why not reserve your table and come join us? Fun will be had for sure. (604)759-0819.

On Friday, Feb 10th, Harris&DeBray plays Hemingway’s Waterfront Public House in White Rock from 7-9:30! We don’t get out that way as much as we’d like so we’re happy about this gig. Hope you guys can drop by and check it out – it’s a cool venue!

Then on Sat, Feb 11th – Lesismore is back at The Dover Arms pub in the West End from 3-7pm. This is a special earlier time because of the UFC fight later that night. Reserve your table and come on down for an afternoon of dancing and frolic!

Lots more coming up including some Vancouver International Wine Festival gigs, Micky’s Pub in Coquitlam, The Buck N Ear in Steveston – head over to our website for all the details.

See you at the gigs!
Leslie & the boys

Omigod – I am excited!! I LOVE playing The Fairview Saturday Afternoon Dance Party!! We are gonna have an absolute blast so get down there this Saturday January 28th and party with us – you know you wanna. We hit the stage at 4:30 and the dance floor will be packed from the first note. Yippee!

And then, next Wed Feb 1st, we are kicking off Steel Toad’s Wednesday night “Bourbon, Blues, Barbecue and Beer” Concert Series! Harris&DeBray will play from 7:30 til 10pm for the first one but lots of other great duos are coming in. You now have a VERY cool place to go on Wednesday nights to hear some live music and have some fun. Think bourbon flights, bourbon cocktail special, special barbecue menu, all house beer pints $5 – yup, I think you’d better come.

Friday Feb 3rd, Lesismore will be back at New West’s live music hub, The Heritage Grill, from 8 til late. An old favourite of ours – and hopefully yours – HG is the place to be. Great menu, great service, casual atmosphere and tons of fun. We’d love to see you in the room!!

Lots more coming up in Feb including Hemingway’s, One20 Pub, The Dover, Micky’s Pub, a couple of REALLY cool Vancouver International Wine Festival gigs (yes, you can come if you buy tickets) and more. Hit our website for all the deets.

That’s all for now!
See you at the gigs,
Leslie & the boys

Hello my beautiful live music-loving friends!!

We’ve got a couple of show coming up that I think you’ll enjoy:

Tomorrow night, Thursday Jan 19th, Harris&DeBray are playing One20 Pub in North Delta from 6:30-9:30pm. We LOVE playing at One20 – the food is great, LOTS of craft beers on tap as well as a good selection of wines and spirits, good service, amazing specials – AND live music! What’s not to like? It would mean a lot to us to see your smiling faces in the room.

On Saturday Jan 28th, the Lesismore quartet plays The Fairview Pub’s Saturday Afternoon Dance and you KNOW this is gonna be fun!! We hit the stage at 4:30 and play until 7:30 and it’s always a great time. Not a bad idea to get there a bit early cuz it gets absolutely packed in there! Yay! Can’t wait!

LOTS more coming up in Feb and forward – feel free to hit our website for all the details.

See you at the gigs!
Leslie & the boys