Hello my lovely music friends,

There are so many wonderful shows on the books I can barely believe it! We are truly blessed. Here’s what’s happening this week (you can find all the rest on our events page):

Friday, Apr 10th – the duo heads out to White Rock to play The Hemingway Waterfront Public House from 7-9:30pm. It’s a fabulous location right on the beach with great food, awesome service and live music! We’d love to see you there. http://jrgvancouver.ca/the-hemingway-public-house/#

Saturday, Apr 11th – it’s off to Langley to play at Porter’s. This gig is the whole band and if you haven’t checked out Porter’s yet, it is fantastic! It’s a small place with a huge heart. The owners, Karen and Bill Buurmeester are serious music lovers (Bill’s a musician himself) who go to great lengths to make sure they provide quality entertainment and a wonderful evening for you. We play from 7-10 and you definitely need reservations – which include a home cooked meal! So great. http://www.porterscoffeehouse.ca/

Then on Sunday afternoon Apr 12th – it’s a Blues Party at The Pat Pub on Hastings from 3-7pm! What a civilized time, non? This is gonna be FUN!! The Pat is sorta the new Yale in that it’s hosting blues bands on a big stage with a great sound system in a seedy old hotel that’s been cleaned up and made quite lovely and has a good sized dance floor. One great difference from The Yale though is that they have food! And it’s good! They’re just starting these Sunday blues parties so we are STOKED to represent! If you’re not doing anything, we could really use you there – let’s show them that Lesismore can pack the joint! www.patspub.ca

And finally a reminder about the Billy Dixon/Lesismore Boat Cruise on Sunday, July 5th. If you haven’t contacted me or Billy for your tickets yet, GET ON IT! It’s gonna sell out. Just imagine a lovely Summer day on a beautiful yacht (The Queen of Diamonds) sailing out of Plaza of Nations at 2pm with TWO bands rockin’ onboard (we’re on the main level and Billy’s on the top deck) for a four hour cruise to wherever the captain chooses to go, a light meal, a full bar, two dance floors – OMIGOD! Can you say fun? All this for $50 in advance. Ya. Now would be the time to grab these much-coveted tickets. Email me at leslie@lesismoremusic.com and we’ll see you onboard!

That’s all for now, folks. See you at the gigs!
Leslie & the boys

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