Hello my Fabulous Friends!

This week is another good one – on Thursday night May 14th, we’ll be at One20 Pub in North Delta (the duo) from 6:30-9:30pm. It’s a really great place with awesome food and SO many beers on tap!! Not to mention wines – omigod, they have drinks!! Lol. It’d be GREAT to see you there.

On Friday night, we’ll be at the brand new Big Rock Urban Eatery at the corner of 4th & Alberta – right near the Olympic Village. Cool place!! We play as the trio from 7-10pm. Make a reservatiion – it’s a VERY popular place!

Next Saturday May 23rd, it’s Enigma Restaurant at 10th and Trimble – love it there! We play as the trio from 7-10:30 and you need a reservation for sure!

So much more coming up – make sure you hit our website for all the details but a couple more things I wanna mention:

Curtis and I will be recording our new cd as the duo “Harris&DeBray” on June 20th at Emerson Street Studios! OMG!! Some covers, some originals, a bit of this, a bit of that – VERY exciting indeed!

I know that a lot of you loved it when we played at Federico’s Supper Club last time and we’re gonna be back there on Thursday Jun 11th!! Mark it in your calendars, make a reservation and get ready to do some dancing old school. Ah, Federico’s – SUCH a fabulous place!! 7:30-10pm

Sunday Jul 5th is the Billy Dixon/Lesismore Boat Cruise and the tickets are selling!! Make sure you’re not disappointed. Contact me directly and get yours asap!! We sail at 2pm, returning at 6 on the gorgeous Queen of Diamonds out of Plaza of Nations – yay!!!

And one last thing – we’re heading up to the Garden Bay Pub on the Sunshine Coast (Pender Harbour) to play on Jul 16th, 17th & 18th! VERY excited about this!! I know that quite a few of you have already said you’re coming up to join us but seriously, the more the merrier! The weather will be amazing – why not plan a little getaway that weekend and come up? You know you wanna…

WAY more on our events page – my birthday party, The Fairview, The River Rock, Rocky Point Park – it’s a great life, people!!

See you at the gigs,
Leslie & the boys

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