Wow, what an exciting time!!! Here’s what’s happening in the worlds of Lesismore and Harris&DeBray:

This Saturday October 22nd from 4:30-7:30pm, Lesismore plays The Fairview Pub’s Saturday Afternoon Dance Party and we are STOKED!!! Put on your dancing shoes and come join us for an afternoon of sweaty fun! Yay!!

Then, next Tuesday evening, Harris&DeBray has their CD RELEASE PARTY for their debut cd, “Passin’ Time”!! We’re gonna do it at The Yale Saloon before Brandon Isaak goes on, as you can see by the poster. The response is quite overwhelming so if I were you, I’d get there early to grab your table. Not sure if they take reservations but why not give them a call and find out? There’s no cover charge (okay, you can buy cds if you want) and we play at 7pm sharp for one hour. After that, the incredible Brandon Isaak will take the stage and musical mayhem will ensue. There’s a good chance that some jammin’ will happen – good times, people!! I look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday Oct 29th, Lesismore plays The Dover Arms from 4-8 and maybe, just maybe, costumes will be involved. No promises but it could happen. So wear yours!! That’s the big day this year so you can come and hang out with us for the afternoon and then head directlty to whatever Halloween party you’re heading to!! What a day it’s gonna be.

Lots coming up in November including Heritage Grill, Micky’s, Hemingway’s, One20 Pub, The Dover Arms and lots more! Feel free to hit our site for all the details.

Thanks so much for continuing to support us – we love you!
See you at the gigs!
Leslie & the boys

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