Omigod, I’m SO excited!! Just one more sleep until we get to play for all of you and I am STOKED!! Curtis and I are both really looking forward to doing our “Live at Mikey’s Place” livestream show tomorrow evening. It’ll be very different without all of you in the room with us but you can comment so we know you’re there and I guess that’ll have to do – for now. When this is all over, each and every one of you is getting the biggest hug you can imagine!! I’ve got so much stored up hug energy!! Lol.

Okay, here are the details: Thursday June 4th (yup, my birthday) at 8pm, lasting around an hour. Just click on this live link and there we’ll be! If you click on it and we’re not there, you’re probably just a bit early. That’s it! In case you’re having trouble finding it, you can go to Facebook and search Live at Mikey’s Place and it’ll be happening there. I’ll also post the link on my timeline.

Many of you have very generously asked if you will be able to tip us and for that, we are VERY thankful. I know it’s a tough time for everyone so we are not charging for this show – just bringing you some birthday fun. But, if you WANT to, we appreciate that very much. You can either etransfer us (preferable) at (just make up a password we’ll be able to figure out easily like what instrument does Curtis play – guitar – or whatever you dream up). Or, if etransfer is not your thing, you can tip us at PayPal.Me/harrisdebray. Thank you.

Okay, now a girl has to go try on every single thing she owns to figure out what to wear for this fabulous soiree! “See” you all tomorrow night!!

“See” you all tomorrow night!!
Leslie & Curtis

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