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Hello all you fabulous music-loving people!

Omigod – where to start? Okay, begin at the beginning, right? So, this week Harris-DeBray (the Lesismore duo) heads over to Richmond to play the beautiful Curve Lounge in the River Rock Casino Wed to Fri, Mar 25, 26, 27 from 5-8pm!! No cover charge, great food, great sightlines – hope to see you there!

Next week we’re playing One20 Pub in North Delta on Thurs Apr 2nd, The Heritage Grill in New West on Fri Apr 3rd and Hemingway’s in White Rock on Sat Apr 4th – phew!! All the details are on our events page.

A couple of special things I wanna bring to your attention though so you can mark your calendars and make plans:

Apr 12th – The Pat Pub at 403 East Hastings from 3-7pm. This is a monthly blues thang that is gonna be REALLY fun!

May 7th – Dish N Dazzle (in case you were wondering about the picture at the top). This is an EXCELLENT cause that we play each year and it’s only $69 with the promo code in the poster for a fantastic evening of Argentinian wines, food from some of Vancouver’s top restaurants and music from Lesismore! In case you’re not aware, the BC Hospitality Foundation raises money to support people who work in hospitality who are faced with financial challenges due to illness. It’s a cause that is very dear to my heart after spending many years in that industry. It would be so great if you could join us!

June 4th – My birthday party at Heritage Grill. Not just any birthday either – it’s my SIXTIETH!!! Omigod, how the hell did that happen??? Time sure does fly. For those of you who know Heritage Grill, you know that it’s only holds so many people in the front room where we play so make your reservations NOW!! (604)759-0819. More about this later but here’s a hint: The theme is “Send Leslie to Spain” so in lieu of gifts, please put in a little something (or a big something lol) to make this dream of mine happen. I MUST go to the world’s largest food fight, “La Tomatina”!! More about this later.

And finally, Billy Dixon and Lesismore’s Boat Cruise on Sunday July 5th!!! There are already some tickets sold and this will sell out for sure. It’s from 2-6pm (board at 1) on The Queen of Diamonds out of Plaza of Nations. Billy and his stellar band on the rooftop layin down the R&B dance grooves and the Lesismore quintet with Steve Hilliam on sax (Colin James Band and many others) on the main level rockin’ out with our own special brand of blues and soul! Omigod, so fun! You can buy your tickets – $50 in advance – directly from me. Just email me to arrange it. If there are any left on the day of, which I highly doubt, they’ll be $75.

See – I told you there was a lot and that’s just a few things! All the gigs are on our website so make sure you check the events.

Thanks so much – you know we love you!!
See you at the gigs,
Leslie & the boys

Hello My Lovely Friends!

This week, the lesismore quartet heads back to Lulu’s Lounge in the River Rock on Thursday Mar 19th! We always have a blast playing there. It’s a great room to see the band: No cover charge, dance floor, big sound system with the one and only Tony Demedeiros mixing – it’s fabulous! We play from 9 til 1 and it’d be GREAT to see you there.

On Friday and Saturday, Mar 20th/21st, we’ll be in the lobby lounge at The Pinnacle Hotel in North Vancouver. If you’ve never checked out this place, it’s gorgeous! Right down at the quay and the view is spectacular. They have a good menu, great service, lots of wines and cocktails to choose from – and live music! We play from 8-11pm and we’d love to have you join us.

Next week, Curtis and I are going back to the River Rock as the duo to play in Curve Lounge on Wed, Thurs and Friday, Mar 25th, 26th, 27th from 5-8pm! We’re really looking forward to it – the last couple of times we’ve done this gig it was really fun!

Lots more coming up in April including Hemingway’s in White Rock, Pat’s Pub on Sunday Apr 11th from 3-7pm (we be playin’ the blues!) and Porter’s in Langley.

And don’t forget about Billy Dixon’s and lesismore’s Boat Cruise on Sunday July 5th! Tickets are selling really well so if you wanna join us, contact me for yours. It’s gonna sell out for sure – two bands and a light meal for $50 in advance, $75 at the door? Ya baby. You know you wanna.

See you at the gigs!
Leslie & the boys

Hey Lovely Friends!

We’ve got a boat cruise coming up in July and tickets are already selling fast! Grab yours now (you can e-transfer the money to me at leslie@lesismoremusic.com) so you don’t miss out. $50 in advance but $75 on the day of so yeah, buy them now. Billy Dixon’s Soul Train Express will be on the upper deck layin’ down the R&B dance grooves and we’ll be below on the main floor doin’ our lesismore thing with Steve Hilliam (Colin James Band) joining us on sax! It’s gonna be a BLAST!!

But let’s get back to March – it’s crazy with shows! We are so blessed. This week, we’re playing at The Heritage Grill on Friday Mar 6th from 8 til midnight with Ed Johnson from Brickhouse on drums. Give them a call at (604)759-0819 to reserve your table – it gets busy in that place! Saturday Mar 7th, we’re at the lovely Enigma Restaurant at 10th & Trimble from 7-10:30pm. I know the “lesismore dancers” are coming out in force (Bassim & Colleen – that’s you!) so a reservation is a really good idea. (604)222-6881 is the number.

Next week’s show are:

Wed Mar 11th – Curtis and I are Steve Kozak’s special guests at Pat’s Pub for “Blues & Brews”! 7-11pm. It’s at 403 East Hastings – www.patspub.ca We’re really excited about playin’ some blues with our good friend and Maple Blues Award winner Steve Kozak! Hope to see you there.

Thurs Mar 12th – The duo plays One20 Pub in North Delta from 6:30-9:30pm. Fun!!

Fri Mar 13th – The duo opens for The Rock N’ Roll Circus’ CD Release Party at Heritage Grill! SO honored to be asked to do this! Our friends (The R&R Circus) are amazing! It’s gonna be a really fun night. We’re on at 8pm for an hour to get things going.

Sat Mar 14th – Off to Langley we go to play Porter’s – a VERY cool little joint! If you haven’t checked this place out, you definitely should. It’s tiny so you need a reservation for sure. (604)530-5297 to grab your table. You get a full home-cooked meal and live music for a very reasonable price in an historic building that is quaint and wonderful. We play from 7-10pm (and Ed Johnson from Brickhouse will be on drums!)

So much more coming this month – like Lulu’s Lounge (River Rock), The Pinnacle Hotel (North Van) and Curve Lounge – but I don’t wanna overwhelm you so I’ll leave it for now and remind you weekly.

But one more exciting piece of news – Curtis and I are recording a cd of the duo this month at James Badger’s studio in Langley! We’re really excited to capture this new sound and make it available to you. Stay tuned for more details on that.

See you at the gigs!
Leslie & the boys

Hello my lovely people!

I hope this finds you enjoying this amazing Spring weather as much as I am – omigod, are we lucky or what?? So awesome.

We’ve got LOTS of great things coming up in March, not the least of which is that we’re recording a cd of the duo! That’s right, by popular demand (from you!) we’ve decided to capture “it” and make it available to you. Thanks for your support. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Here’s a list of things we’d love to see you at:

– Friday, Mar 6th – The Heritage Grill 8 til midnight – make reservations at 604-759-0819

– Saturday, Mar 7th – Enigma Restaurant (Kai – rally the troops cuz we need you!) 7-10:30pm 604-222-6881

– Wed, Mar 11th – Curtis & I will be joining Steve Kozak as his special guests for Blues & Brews at Pat’s Pub on Hastings from 7-11pm. Fun!

– Thurs Mar 12th – the duo plays One20 Pub in North Delta from 6:30-9:30pm

– Fri Mar 13th – the duo opens for The Rock N’ Roll Circus’ Cd Release Party at The Heritage Grill! We’re super stoked about this show – it’s gonna be FUN!!

– Sat Mar 14th – Porter’s in Langley – 7-10. Ah, Porter’s. Love it!! 604-530-5297 for ressies

Well, that’s the first coupla weeks. There’s also Lulu’s Lounge at The River Rock, The Pinnacle Hotel in North Van, Curve Lounge in the River Rock – omigod! Like I said – LOTS! 2015 is shaping up quite nicely, I must say. We couldn’t do it without you though and we love you guys!!

For all the information and more details about the shows, please hit our new website and hey, while you’re there, why not say hello on our contact page? We love to hear from you!!

See you at the gigs,
Leslie & the boys

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