Off to where, you ask? The gigs! That’s where. We are – thankfully – busy!! Yay!!

This Thursday Nov 5th, Harris&DeBray – the duo – is playing One20 Pub in North Delta from 6:30-9:30pm. Fun!! Great food, great atmosphere, TONS of beers to choose from – as well as all other types of libations – FUN! Hope to see you there.

Friday Nov 6th, it’s the quartet – with Phil Robertson on drums! – playing New Westminster’s cultural hub, The Heritage Grill from 8 til midnight. Put on your dancing shoes and come on out! (604)759-0819 for reservations.

Saturday Nov 7th, the trio plays the lovely Enigma Restaurant in Vancouver at 10th and Trimble. We love Enigma and it’s always a great evening there. I’m hoping to see some of my Dance Fit tribe – Kai and Bassim – are you reading this? 7-10:30pm.

Next week is crazy! Private gigs on Monday and Tuesday and then the duo heads to Curve Lounge in the River Rock Casino from Wednesday til Friday, Nov 11-13th, from 5-8pm. If you haven’t tried the Truffle Mac N Cheese – you HAVE to! It’s to die for.

As you may or may not know, Curtis and I have finished recording our Harris&DeBray cd and it’s being mixed and mastered now. Next is artwork, copyright stuff, layout and finally duplication. We are extremely grateful that so many of you have expressed interest in pre-ordering it! You have no idea how much this will help us with the duplication costs. With that in mind, we will be putting a page up on our website where you can order the cd and pay with PayPal and hopefully it’ll be in your hot little hands sooner than later! Thank you in advance. Have I mentioned lately how much we love you guys?

See you at the gigs!
Leslie & the boys

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