As most of you know, we are about to release our first Harris&DeBray CD and we’re VERY excited about it! This is the acoustic duo that’s just Curtis and I – he on acoustic guitar and vocals and me on Stompbox and vocals. It’s some originals, some blues and some roots. Quite a few of you have already pre-ordered your copy which we thank you for SO much!! By doing this, you are offsetting our hard costs for duplication and stuff – and that helps us a lot!! For those of you who have not yet pre-ordered, we just want you to know that by doing so, not only do you help us out greatly but you will receive your SIGNED copy before everyone else gets theirs, mailed right to your door!! Or given to you in person. If you wanna help us out in this way, please either etransfer the money to me at – it’s $18 including postage, or go to to use the PayPal button so you can pay with your credit card. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this!! The cd will be out in the next month and there will be a cd release party which I’ll fill you in on when I have those detais.

Love you guys,
Leslie & Curtis
Harris&DeBray (the little duo that could)

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