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Harris&DeBray LIVE!

That’s right, folks – we’re BACK!! Woohoo!! Curtis and I are STOKED that we’ll be doing a couple of live Harris&DeBray shows – albeit under very different protocols – in July! We really hope you’ll come out to support us.

The first one is at Country Vines Winery on Sunday, July 5th from 3-6pm. Here are a few details: You must have a reservation because the patio will be limited to 50 people so they can space apart. There will be no food service yet but they are encouraging people to bring a picnic! How fun!! No glasses of wine will be poured but you can order a bottle and take what you don’t drink home with you. If there’s a lineup to get in, they’re requesting that you consider heading out after 90 minutes to allow more in. Now I know that’s not what most of us like to do at a live show and they know it’ll be difficult to enforce but if we’re all courteous, it’ll work out. We would LOVE to see you there! If you haven’t checked it out before, you will be thrilled at how lovely it is out there. (604)274-9610 for reservations.

The second one is at 2nd Floor Gastown on Thursday, July 16th from 7-9pm. It’s above Water Street Cafe and is one of Vancouver’s hottest new live music joints so we’d LOVE to fill the place and show them how great our friends and fans are! Seating is limited to only 26 for social distancing so if you’re interested, make your reservation NOW so you’re not disappointed. Tickets are $16.50 and they’re available here: http://www.waterstreetcafe.ca/events-calendar/ If you prefer to phone them, the number is (604)689-2832. First come, first served. See you there for some foot stompin’, guitar pickin’, live roots & blues!

And finally, I’m thrilled to announce that Ladies Sing the Blues is doing a livestream concert from Blue Frog Studios on Sunday, July 18th at 7pm. Here are the details:
https://www.bluefrogstudios.ca/lstb2020.html Once you purchase your ticket on their site, you’ll receive a link to watch the show. Please note that it’ll only be live when it’s actually happening. Early bird price is $14.50. After July 16th they’ll be $19.50. For more information, you can call them at (604)542-3055.

And that’s all she wrote!
See you at the gigs (yay!!)


Omigod, I’m SO excited!! Just one more sleep until we get to play for all of you and I am STOKED!! Curtis and I are both really looking forward to doing our “Live at Mikey’s Place” livestream show tomorrow evening. It’ll be very different without all of you in the room with us but you can comment so we know you’re there and I guess that’ll have to do – for now. When this is all over, each and every one of you is getting the biggest hug you can imagine!! I’ve got so much stored up hug energy!! Lol.

Okay, here are the details: Thursday June 4th (yup, my birthday) at 8pm, lasting around an hour. Just click on this live link www.facebook.com/livestream61/ and there we’ll be! If you click on it and we’re not there, you’re probably just a bit early. That’s it! In case you’re having trouble finding it, you can go to Facebook and search Live at Mikey’s Place and it’ll be happening there. I’ll also post the link on my timeline.

Many of you have very generously asked if you will be able to tip us and for that, we are VERY thankful. I know it’s a tough time for everyone so we are not charging for this show – just bringing you some birthday fun. But, if you WANT to, we appreciate that very much. You can either etransfer us (preferable) at lesismoremusic@gmail.com (just make up a password we’ll be able to figure out easily like what instrument does Curtis play – guitar – or whatever you dream up). Or, if etransfer is not your thing, you can tip us at PayPal.Me/harrisdebray. Thank you.

Okay, now a girl has to go try on every single thing she owns to figure out what to wear for this fabulous soiree! “See” you all tomorrow night!!

“See” you all tomorrow night!!
Leslie & Curtis

Great news!!

Hello all my lovely friends!

It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve reached out to you and I hope you’re all happy and healthy during these crazy times. I can’t even TELL you how much I miss each and every one of you! Playing music for you is the highlight of my life and it’s been very quiet without that. So I have some really good news for you!

On Thursday June 4th at 8pm, Harris&DeBray will be livestreaming from “Live at Mikey’s Place” for an online concert! And it’s my birthday!! I can’t really think of a better way to spend it, can you? Didn’t think so. Hahahaha! You can tune in here: www.facebook.com/livestream61/

If you don’t see us, it’s not quite time. But at 8pm, we’ll pop right up and start playing so get all ready first – grab a drink, some snacks, put on your best pajamas (or even party clothes) and join us. You’ll be able to comment there if you like and we’ll see it cuz Michael (bless his heart) has a 50″ monitor for us to look at! (I may not even need my glasses lol.)

In case you feel like it, there will be a virtual tip jar up but there is no pressure at all. We know that times are tough for a lot of people right now so it’s not a cover charge or anything. But if you wanna support your local musician, we thank you very much in advance.

Being the eternal optimist, I’ll sign off in my usual way:

See you at the gigs!
Leslie (and in this case, Curtis)

Missing You

Hello all my beautiful friends,

How I miss singing live. And all of you!

I just wanted to reach out and tell you that for now, all of our gigs are cancelled. I’m leaving them up on the website though because I optimistically hope things will resume at some point.

I hope that all of you and your loved ones are safe. Please keep doing all the good stuff so that we can move forward as soon as possible. And know that I love you and when this is all over, I’m gonna hug the stuffing right outta you!

See you at the gigs,
Leslie & the boys

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