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Lesismore is a band out of British Columbia that pegs its music as blues, funk, roots, and I suppose there are elements of all three here, but this is music that really feels less blues to me, and more like the rock of the 1970s.

Of course there are certain songs that have more directly recognizable feels too. For example, Sweetest Heart has a definite funk feel.

Of course that is the challenge when reviewing music, coming up with a label that fits.

Regardless of just where Lesismore falls in terms of genre in a listener’s mind, the sound here is unmistakably that of lead singer Leslie Harris. The ‘more’ here is the band, and while at times they cook, like on the song Memory, it ends up being Harris’ energetic, crystal clear vocals, that draws you to this music.

That said, when tenor sax man Steve Hilliam is allowed to take the lead with some solo work, Lesismore really jumps.

Curtis Debray is solid on the guitar work, as is drummer Nino Dipasquale. While Jeremy Holmes and Patrick Metzger both contribute bass work on the CD to round out the band.

This is a CD that does cross the genres very smoothly, but keeping it all interconnected in such a manner that the overall product holds together. It is the ability to switch gears, but to do it so subtly that the listener can make the leap so smoothly that works for this band.

It really comes together as a very nice musical experience, and you will quickly grow to appreciate Harris’ voice, especially on a piece such as Angel From Montgomery, arguably the best cut on a very fine album.

– Calvin Daniels,
Yorkton This Week newspaper

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